Fitness and Health

Zumba and Pilates classes with Konstantina Diamantou have started again.

She is in Skopelos on:
Tuesday from 20.00-21.00 hours and Friday from 17.00-18.00 hours (Zumba Fitness)
(Gym Sterios Mavridou)

Monday from 19.00-20.00 and Thursday from 19.00-20.00 hours (Pilates)
Monday from 20.00-21.00 and Thursday from 20.00-21.00 hours (Zumba Fitness)

Monday from 17.30-18.30 hours and Wednesday from 19.00-20.00 hours (Zumba Fitness)
(Elementary school)

Telephone Konstantina 6971886641

Playing with marbles

AmalSomething akin to civil war has broken out over at The Telegraph following news that civil rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin – memorably described in one legal publication under the headline ‘Barrister marries actor’ – is flying into Athens to help the government continue its negotiations over the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their home country. Apparently, Ms Alamuddin’s new squeeze, who she may or may not have married recently somewhere in Italy, and may be called George something, has added his name to those demanding the Marbles be returned to Greece. Amal has joined forces with the likes of lawyer Geoffrey Robertson to advise Athens on the latest stage of talks over the Marbles. Meanwhile, similar mayhem unfolds over at The Guardian. Weirdly, the comments might almost be interchangeable between the two newspapers.

Coming or going

2014-10-09 Tom
These small pigs were seen in the harbor of Skopelos this morning. Their final destination is unknown.

Road Grader

A few weeks ago in Newspaper Vories Sporades there was a story about some dirt roads being impassable after some violent rain storms last month. Most were in the vicinity east of Glossa. The residents were calling for a road grader (which was in Skiathos at the time) to be brought over to fix the roads.

This photo is from yesterday at Port Skopelos. The machine has some writing on it which indicates it is the property of the Nomarchia Magesias.

The big question is, has the grader fixed the roads already or is it on its way to fix the roads?

We dunno

We saw one of these things decaying upon some leaves and wondering softly what it was, and then forgot about it.
Mother Nature reminded us today with two more emerging fresh from the earth. They are about 5cm high.

Of course we now turn the question over to our panel of experts who are you, our readers. What is it?

New WebCam up

[zoom with a click]

Yannis Hatzitrakosas’ “Skopelosweb.gr has restored his webcam after a few months hiatus. The view is different from the old cam and, in our impression, more interesting.

It is Yannis’ weather station which supplies the world with “at the moment” weather data through meteo.gr.

A page with just the webcam shot is here in full screen.

His entire website is very much worth a look here.

A place to dock

Last Friday the 3rd of October was a windy day. The ferry boat Apollon Hellas from Hellenic Seaways came and left from Agnondas on Skopelos to get to Volos. Although Agnondas port has its problems you should see what Alonissos faces in their harbor. The captain of Apollon Hellas spoke this morning on a Greek show about “a place to dock” and not a harbor.
Wind was force 6,7



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