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For Daphne

Linda and George have send us an email about a tourist tax they paid in Verona where the tax was €1.50 per person per night and in Turin where it was €2.30 per person per night. Thanks to the people who are paying this tax amongst others a path in Parco Catulo in Peschiera del Garda (see photo) has been restored. We will get back you with information how the tax is paid but maybe a reader knows?

(Parco Catullo)

The Mayor being interviewed on the occasion of the park's opening

The Mayor being interviewed on the occasion of the park’s opening


While on my way to the PO today I saw these two glimpses of the village between buildings. The sea was a very nice blue from all the turbulence so I thought that I’d use the buildings to frame the shot and see what I got.

It’s too bad when newer buildings block off views that we have been used to seeing for years – case in mind is the new hotel at Adrina. There used to be a wonderful panorama with Evvia in the background at the big turn as you came from Milia. Now there is a large concrete box in the way.
[the top photo is the better of the two - but both enlarge somewhat with a click]

waterwingsMuriel Dunlop’s 2014 season of Aquafit water exercises has now ended. Muriel would like to thank Skopelos Holidays Hotel and the Dionyssos Hotel for use of their premises. She would also like to thank all who participated in the sessions, hotel guests, local Skopelitans and visitors. Donations by Aquafitters raised nearly €500 for stray animal care. The Skopelos Scramblers had hoped to resume their walking programme yesterday, but uncertain weather postponed that. Watch this space for more details.


We found ourselves on somebody’s terrace this afternoon with nothing to do but chat and drink wine. Here’s a picture of the remains of our Venetian Kastro from the terrace. Not much more to say about the Kastro at this time but we needed to post a photo, so we did.


    For the 2nd year in a row the grape festival “StaphyloFest” is organized in Glossa at the Sporades Islands Preservation Foundation. The festival will start at 11. The foundation is in Glossa on the road to Loutraki opposite the Elin gas station there.


Remember Gillian’s story and the post we wrote? The proceeds from the lovely bags that Gillian made have gone to the health center to the pediatric unit there. Maria is the pediatrician and after consulting with her about what should be bought Gillian went to the pharmacy and bought lots of medicines, bandages etc..

Nomi needs a home

This is Nomi. He is a beautiful, intelligent, and calm dog, perhaps a little under one year old. His owner must leave the island after living here for some years and sadly cannot take Nomi with him. He is searching for a good home for the dog he has doted on since a puppy. The owner said he asked me (Tom) because he knows how we care for our own dog.

The owner doesn’t want his dog to end up chained and abandoned as a watchdog in somebody’s field so he is desperately looking for a new owner who will really devoted to Nomi (and that Nomi can be devoted to).

Nomi and his owner (a mechanic) can usually be found at Babis Stivahtis’ boat service on the old road to Staphylos.


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