More of this year’s batch of short movies made by island teenagers and their overseas guests at SIFFY 2014, the Skopelos International Festival of Film for Youth, have turned up on the Vimeo online film channel. You’ll recall that this year’s theme is Skopelos mythology, in particular a preponderance of, uh, fairies, or perhaps Naiads, as in the case of Fairies in the Lake:

It may require a side order of Coleridge’s suspension of disbelief, but there’s broad humour, romance and courtly love involved in the complex O Rouvos:

Somewhat shorter than anything by Theo Angelopoulos and less annoying than Last Year at Marienbad, The Rock of Hadoula is a poignant miniature epic of love and loss featuring cameos from honorary teenagers Christos Chrisofos, Peggy Giannakopoulos and Christos Patsis.

Take a bow, everybody.


Giorgos Michael, of the Society of Astronomy and Space in Volos, will haul his mighty telescope to the old port tonight at 21:00 (9pm). One and all will be able to take a gander at “to fengari” which will be nearly full (full fullness is 10 August 2014 21:09).

Giorgos is an avid astronomer and often sets up his scope at the port to let the public in on some of the secrets of the universe. He also is a baker at the Triandafillou bakery opposite the elementary school.

By Gerard Diepeveen 9/8/2014

OK. The Volos newspaper Taxydromos reports that Skopelos mayor and head of the Port Fund Giorgos Michelis has approved the building of a seaplane port in the port of Skopelos. The thing is to be built at the southern end of the port near to where the boat/trailer ramp is located. The total space is 100 sq. meters and the construction will be done by Hellenic Seaplanes – the only entity submitting a bid for the project.

The mayor is quoted by the newspaper as saying, “the ydatodromio [seaplane port] Skopelos is an important project for our island as seaplanes will be able to play an important role in boosting tourism and the economy of Skopelos. Also, the existence of seaplanes can help eliminate the feeling of isolation of residents from the rest of Greece.”

Building will start as soon as the plan is approved by the Ministry of Transport and is expected to take one month.

When in Greece…

Beam me down to Barramares…

Beam me down to Barramares…

We realize this is very probably click-bait designed to publicize an online hotel aggregator, but Greek Reporter is reporting that the hotel website Trivago has listed Skopelos as the number two favoured destination of Greek holidaymakers this year. Chania came in at number one, but Skopelos beat out even Skiathos as the second place Greek Trivago users most wanted to visit. The results are rather skewed by the fact that an awful lot of them also wanted to throw away their leisure time in the hell-hole that is Laganas on Zakynthos, but they were also heading to cooler locales such as Lefkas and Naxos. We tried the Trivago website – hosted by a spectral William Shatner, who plays ‘The Negotiator’ on the bargain-hunter’s behalf as the site searches for hotel deals – but we (at least, this typist, john) will be sticking with our homies at another website, which will remain democratically nameless. Beam him back up, Scotty…


Despite the persistent heat over four hundred cineastes packed into the garden of the Orfeas Cinema for Monday night’s showings of the 2014 SIFFY, Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth, leaving many (of us…) standing around the packed seating area. This year’s theme was Skopelos mythology, which island youngsters and their teen guests from overseas film programmes took to with gusto, relish and not a little gore. The finished films are already appearing on the Vimeo channel:

The thirteensomething team responsible for Mary the Warrior actually wrapped in time to upload their short to the Cinemasports film competition in Estivella, Spain, and score second prize in the International Shorts section.

Given just under a week to write, cast, location hunt, rehearse, film and edit their films, with the help of a roster of international film professionals, the film units completed a total of eight films, each addressing different aspects of Skopelos μυθολογία as only teenagers let loose with a movie camera know how to. There’s a Todd Haynes or Christopher Nolan in there somewhere…

We will be posting more films from the festival as they go online.

R.I.P Alberto

I (Daphne) remember Albert Verca from the International cafe where he used to work for many years. We would be there very often when european and world football matches would be played and Alberto was always teaming up with the Dutch team with us. He would wear his orange shirt from Kuyt or some other great Dutch player and walk around the coffee place with pride. Go Alberto!

A terrible accident today with his motorbike on Skopelos while driving to his work took him away from his family and friends. We hope there are some Dutch football players around where you went Alberto.

(photo from Alberto’s Facebook page)


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