Dimitri1Gifted singer-guitarist Dimitris Tzitzis is back for another summer season playing nights at Barramares on the Skopelos paralia, although he is having to alternate the limelight with the remaining World Cup broadcasts until next week’s final. His first official date, after a well-received warm-up last week, is tonight (Wednesday) and he returns tomorrow. He then makes way for more footie, but will be performing nightly from July 13. He arrived with an expanded repertoire of Greek and international popular song, from Dylan to Adele, and from Jethro Tull’s ‘Thick as a Brick’ to U2′s ‘With or Without You’, and is accompanied by his trusty loop station, a sampling gizmo that allows his guitar to play with or without him.

The Murderess

[Photo taken through a dirty window]
IF you are an opera fan and IF you happen to be in Skiathos on July 6th, and IF you get into line early enough for the free tickets, you can go to a symposium on the new opera “The Murderess”.

The opera, based on a story by Alexandros Papdiamantis, is about a “mad woman” of Skiathos who saves girls from a Greek woman’s life of drudgery and worse… by murdering them. That’s the basic plot line of the novella.

Presented at the symposium will be ‘never heard before’ musical excerpts from the opera as well as talks by composer Giorgos Koumendakis, librettist Yannis Svolos, director Αlexandros Efklidis, scholars of music and literature as well as the artistic director of the National Opera, Myron Michailidis.

The world premiere of the entire opera will be in Athens in November 2014.

Read all about the symposium at the National Opera webpage in English here.

A “review” of the worthwhile novella is here

Limnonari Falls?

A pieced together photo taken the other day outside Agnondas seems to show the horizon dipping down slightly on the left side. What appeared to be a simple “Fluffy Kittens” photo is suddenly charged with new energy as a narrative is built around the “problem”.

Instead of being titled “A Sailboat enters Agnondas” we have “‘Struggling with all its power, a sailboat narrowly averts tragedy outside Agnondas.’ In a display of nature’s power, Limnonari Falls, the unusual sea phenomenon off the coast of Skopelos, was in full force last week. Vessels caught in the grip of the powerful current heading over the falls are likely doomed to disappear over the edge of the earth and to end up ‘who knows where’. Engineers of the Greek Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean have been tasked with finding a solution to the problem since a freighter packed with illegal cigarettes “went over” in 1978 – however, as of today, no solution has been found except the ill fated “Dangerous Waters – Avoid Sailing” floating sign program which unfortunately met the same fate as the freighter.

John, SkopelosNews’ resident sailor, had to be forcibly restrained from hijacking a boat to do a “first person” story on the mysterious cataract. Always ready to risk everything in the service of the SkopelosNews readership, John instead received a stern lecture on safety at sea from Daphne. Last word was that he was considering unfolding his ultralight aircraft from the attic to get a look and, most importantly, the story.

Local tourism entities are interested in promoting the deadly waterfall as a honeymoon attraction after the popular “Mama Mia” Skopelos wedding.”

We (Tom) had some business in Volos yesterday involving a little bureaucracy. Our dealings with a government office went very smoothly. We were treated politely and efficiently. Problems arose however when we had to pay the usual fee for the services we required. In the past we simply paid the fee at the “Tameo” within the government office. Yesterday, under the new rules, we had pay at a bank.

The first bank (Ethniki) had a line with 150 waiting. We moved on to a second bank (Alpha) where only 9 people were waiting. Finally, after 25 minutes standing in line, we were told at the teller’s window that Alpha bank doesn’t handle this business. In the third bank, Pireaus/Agrotiki only 110 people were waiting so we took a number and sat down. With four tellers at work we were served after an hour and a quarter (politely and efficiently at the window).

We are familiar with other city banks and it is our guess that the same situation exists all over Greece. If you want to do any banking (other than paying bills at a crowded on site ATM) one must free up a few hours to complete the transaction. As we understand, banks are not government entities but privately owned enterprises. How can the banks exist which such poor customer service?

Sara at the Tingewick pottery

Sara at the Tingewick pottery

A committal service and memorial celebration are being held in England tomorrow, Tuesday 1 July, for the artist Sara Johnson, who died on 9 June. Sara first visited Skopelos in the 1960s and had a great many friends here. The committal is at 12.15pm at the Oak Chapel of the Crownhill Crematorium in Milton Keynes, followed by a memorial reunion of her friends at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Tingewick, at 2pm. Photographs courtesy of her good friend Gaye Patterson.


Another “Skopelos through time” Facebook picture with almost the same subject as we posted a couple of days ago.This photo must be newer because the bell tower has been replaced (after the 1965 earthquake?) and the (have we found out what?) tree is bigger.

I love the story that my (Daphne) husband told me once. In the old days the width of a donkey path/trail was measured by a donkey with 1 basket on either side. Of course!

Alas, the doctor no longer does house calls: Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Hippocrate refusant les présents d'Artaxerxès

Alas, the doctor no longer does house calls: Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Hippocrate refusant les présents d’Artaxerxès

Welcome to our new health resources page. This is an ongoing database-in-progress of health professionals on Skopelos and the mainland of whom we are aware or who have been recommended by readers. We will be adding further contacts as and when we hear about them. We very much welcome additions from our readers via our email address in the ‘Contact us’ link above. This information will be available in the menu at the top of Skopelosnews for reference.

Skopelos is lucky to have many medical professionals living and working permanently on the island. For other medical needs many travel to Volos or beyond for consultation and treatment. This list is intended as a resource to help readers who are seeking medical advice and not a particular endorsement of one doctor over another.

Health Centre Skopelos 24240 22222. Open 24 hours a day. Whether you want to see a doctor, need a prescription, a consultation or emergency help, you can ask for advice at the front desk. If you want to see a doctor for a consultation you pay five euros. If you have medical insurance you get your medicines prescribed and pay less. In-house specialists are two general practitioners, a psychologist and two midwives. There are also off-site X-ray facilities nearby.

Blood and other testing laboratories
Microbiology Laboratory
Lina I. Lemoni 24240 24131. Located near the Piraeus Bank.
Hematologist, immunologist, endocrinologist, and other microbiological tests.
Special discounts for unemployed and uninsured. Blood samples can be taken at homes of disabled and elderly. Ms Lemoni also offers acupuncture therapy.
Alexandra Polizou-Pournara 24240 24555. Located near the Piraeus Bank.
Testing of blood, urine and feces. All tests can be done on Skopelos and results can be e-mailed to specialists on the mainland or elsewhere. If you are insured via IKA, TEVE etc. the tests are much cheaper. You will need to get the tests prescribed at the health centre and take them to the laboratory.

Jannis Fouskaridis. Next to the newspaper shop. 24240 22266 and 6932 628952
Panagiotis Skiathitis 65 Spiridi, Volos 24210 23268
Dora Georgoudi 70 Topali, Volos 24210 34939

Lefteris Kolias and Maria Savvas 24240 24880 and 6974 472787 and 6977 073080. Located near the Piraeus Bank.
Iannis Ramandanis 24240 22862. Near the Agios Nikolas church.
Giorgos Tsapalas Ag. Michael, Skopelos 24240 22208

Dimitra Dassiou 114 Antonopolou, Volos 24210 31000
Giorgos Karaiskos 58 Spiridi, Volos 24210 36326

Dietician on the ring road near the elementary school
Olga Maridaki 24240 23451 and 6979 134466

Pantelis Grigoriadis 32 Topali, Volos 24210 35395
Nikolas Kapetanakis 33-37 Spiridis, Volos 24210 27363 http://www.gastro-center.gr/

Vasilis Kolovos (on the island once a month) 6985 860638
Vithleem Eftikiadou K. Kartali 172, Volos 24210 023570

The Skopelos health Centre has excellent midwives: Mrs. Koela and Mrs. Dina 24240 22222

Areti Vaiopoulou-Kaffe 70 Topali, Volos 24210 21091/6932 289145
The optician’s practice near Platanos Square in Skopelos can also arrange an appointment with a visiting opthalmologist. Enquire there for more details.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Konstantinos Hatsis 52 T. Oikonomaki, Volos 24210 21421

There is a orthodontist visiting the office of Lefteris Kolias and Maria Savvas every month. For appointments call 6988 884083. Office near the Piraeus Bank.
Efi Karvouni 13 Iolkoy, Volos 24210 23843

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Ioannis Vossinakis 33 Agiou Nikolaou, Volos 24210 32750

Rigina Sklavou 24240 24434. Her office is near the newspaper shop.

Andromachi Kremida 24240 24527 and 6970 416101 and 6946 455518. Located at T-junction, opposite Nastas restaurant.

Maria Kafantari 6978 955539
Rania Kalogeromitrou 24240-24274 (also at the Heath Centre: 24240 22222)
Katerina Lithadioti 24240 22223/6983 833342

Mina Tahoula (Ταχουλα) 84 Topali, Volos 24210 37606

Athanasios Zachariou 3 Spiridou, Volos 24210 26937


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