AtriumHotelIt has very little to do with life on Skopelos, unless you’ve ever found yourself on a daytrip boat beyond Alonnisos, but we couldn’t resist having a little fun at the expense of the clueless cartographers at Google Maps, who have stranded us on the wrong side of one too many Greek islands at four in the morning and finding ourselves lucky that the hotel we’d booked into offered a pickup service from the new ferry port that Google hadn’t read about ten years earlier.

Searching, for our own recondite reasons, for the name of a remote part of Kyra Panayia, we found to our bemused enstartlement (and yes, Mrs Krabapple, we know it isn’t a perfectly cromulent word…) that the aforementioned cartographers had transplanted the Atrium Hotel on Alonnisos to the dead middle of the neighbouring island of Kyra Panayia, current inhabitants a few sheep and a group of monks from Mount Athos refurbishing the monastery there. At least Google Maps no longer claims that there is a lighthouse in the middle of Skopelos harbour, although a number of hotels might be alarmed to discover that they too have been relocated at random around Skopelos Town, while anyone hoping to arrive or depart on a ferry may, if they zoom in on Skopelos at Google Maps, infer they have to drag their luggage along the rocky breakwater from or to their sea transport…

Mr. sad moon


Photo from Angela McClelan.

Angela waited very excited this morning to see it setting like it did beautifully last September. It was spectacular BUT as it descended down over the back of Sougria …. nothing…it dropped into a heavy mist.

Here’s another one from Angela from last year. Beautiful !


Looking for parking?

Here’s some…

Wait a minute…IMG_9222
The sign says [in marker] ‘Forbidden the parking’ Events space (from the Town)
[in ballpoint] contact telephone etc.

As far as we know, the next event is 23 August. Meanwhile the streets are jammed and dangerous with parked cars.

People complained that the harbor police were giving citations for illegal parking on the day it rained. The mayor responded that there are two areas 200 meters from the port for parking. Anybody know where there are? The high school? Are they marked?

DEYA informs all residents of the village of Skopelos that the water to your homes and businesses will be interrupted for about two hours between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00 today (Sunday). They are sorry for the inconvenience (it being tourism season and all) but the work is necessary to properly repair last Friday’s damage to the water pipeline and to return the village to optimal water pressure.

More of this year’s batch of short movies made by island teenagers and their overseas guests at SIFFY 2014, the Skopelos International Festival of Film for Youth, have turned up on the Vimeo online film channel. You’ll recall that this year’s theme is Skopelos mythology, in particular a preponderance of, uh, fairies, or perhaps Naiads, as in the case of Fairies in the Lake:

It may require a side order of Coleridge’s suspension of disbelief, but there’s broad humour, romance and courtly love involved in the complex O Rouvos:

Somewhat shorter than anything by Theo Angelopoulos and less annoying than Last Year at Marienbad, The Rock of Hadoula is a poignant miniature epic of love and loss featuring cameos from honorary teenagers Christos Chrisofos, Peggy Giannakopoulos and Christos Patsis.

Take a bow, everybody.


Giorgos Michael, of the Society of Astronomy and Space in Volos, will haul his mighty telescope to the old port tonight at 21:00 (9pm). One and all will be able to take a gander at “to fengari” which will be nearly full (full fullness is 10 August 2014 21:09).

Giorgos is an avid astronomer and often sets up his scope at the port to let the public in on some of the secrets of the universe. He also is a baker at the Triandafillou bakery opposite the elementary school.

By Gerard Diepeveen 9/8/2014


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