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Two dutch television program directors of the mediabrothers (a television production company in the Netherlands), will be visiting Skopelos from the 25th of July till the 8th of August.

They are shooting a 8 episode docudrama for the Dutch tv channel KRO; a big public channel in the Netherlands which makes all kinds of programs. This program is meant for the children part of the channel and will be broadcasted several times on Dutch television during this year and next year.

The program is about the adventures of two boys of 5 and 7 years old named Buck & Tommy.

This sequel was made in Suriname last year, as Buck and Tommy were travelling around the world. They choose to come to Skopelos this year. The idea behind the program is: two ordinary little boys go on an adventure and do extra ordinary things in foreign countries. They explore special places with local guides.

The name of the series will be: The adventures of Buck & Tommy on Skopelos

In 8 episodes they will explore the traditions and beautiful nature of Skopelos Island.
The reason for their decision to come to Skopelos is they want to learn more about freediving. Freediving is not known in the Netherlands and the two boys are very curious to learn more about this sport. They will be followed with a underwatercamera and see how to catch fishes.

Several guides will take them around the island away from all the touristic places and beaches. The two little boys will go with some greek kids fishing for squid. They will learn with other kids how to sail, they will go to the unknown spots of the island on donkeys, meet goatkeepers in the mountains and will learn how to make feta cheese. They will taste the honey of Skopelos and will see how it is made. Also they will try to find dolphins and monkseals in the National Marine Park and want to visit a deserted island around Skopelos.

The two brothers are the leaders of the program and through their eyes and the contact with the locals, the island life of Skopelos is seen.

The director of the series is their father, he’s a known director in the Netherlands. He has worked many years as a journalist and now makes several programs for children.
Below is a clip from the last series in Suriname

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