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Agios Jannis


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When in need

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SQUID evening
Thursday in Elios there will be a squid evening. Everybody welcome !!! They start around 21.00 hours. Place; the harbor.

TRAGANAS evening
The local “older citizens of Skopelos association” KAPI organizes a traganas evening outside the cafe opposite the port of Skopelos. It is where the children’s playground starts. Traganas (see picture) is goats milk with cracked wheat. There is also live music. Everybody welcome!!!! They start after 20.00 hours.

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Tama (votive)

Tama (Greek: τάμα, pl. ταμάτα tamata) are a form of votive offering or ex-voto used in the Eastern Orthodox Churches, particularly the Greek Orthodox Church. Tamata are usually small metal plaques, which may be of base or precious metal, usually with an embossed image symbolizing the subject of prayer for which the plaque is offered.

Tamata may be offered to an icon or shrine of a saint as a reminder of a petitioner’s particular need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered.

A wide variety of images may be found on tamata, with the images capable of multiple interpretations. A heart may symbolize a prayer for love or a heart problem. Eyes may indicate an eye affliction, hands or legs may indicate maladies of the limbs, a pair of wedding crowns may mean a prayer for a happy marriage, a torso for afflictions of the body, and so forth.

Tamata may be bought in shops selling Greek Orthodox religious items, and then hung with a ribbon on a pole or hooks near an icon or shrine of a saint, the act of which is usually accompanied with a prayer, and sometimes with the lighting of a votive candle. The destinations of pilgrimages often include shrines decorated with many tamata.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tama_(votive)

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This is All Saints Church. It stands near the springs in Aloupi below the cemetery. Close inspection reveals its odd, unsymmetrical construction. Possibly it was built that way on purpose, or perhaps it is a reconstruction after some damage at one time. The interior is tiny and doesn’t hold very many people.

Everything about the church is unique and worth a study.

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Danos on youtube

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