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From Valerie

These are photos from the celebration of Saint Anna. The church/small monastery lies behind the Prodromos monastery on mount Palouki. It is quite a walk and no cars can come there. The family who takes care of the place spend a lot of time there so everything is in order when Anna is celebrated.

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Almost ready

This picture was taken early in the summer in Elios. The fisherman still had the boat on shore but was getting it ready for the season. I wonder if he caught much fish…………….

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What is this ?

This creature is not dead, it looks like twigs glued together but, it is its house.
It comes out and uses its front legs to move and carries its habitat along with it. They are usually stuck on walls and look like an ear of grain. Anybody ?

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From Elena

Has someone asked for an orthodox representation?

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The trailer, that carries the rubber boat that escorts the sailing boats, from N.I.K.O.S is missing. Anybody that knows more or has seen it, please leave a message at Cafe Anemos where the members of NIKOS have their meetings or tell it to the harbor police.

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Sorry to start the week with this but… the scene is the platia at Aloupi. 30 meters from this pile is the fountain with pieces of Hellenistic era marble carvings embedded in it. 10 Meters away is the small church of Ag. Panton. It is also the gateway to many rental villas on the hill above, and one of the suggested hiking routes. All are noted in tourist info books about the island.

The pile has been growing since Friday. There is one plastic bin supplied by the town which holds two or three bags. Once it is full people simply throw their stuff next to it. The culprits are locals who expect trash to be collected, caretakers of the rental villas, and the rental tourists themselves. Everyone brings their trash by automobile or bike.

100 meters further is the Ring Road which has ample large bins which are guaranteed to be emptied everyday. Perhaps this blog could help by encouraging readers who live in the neighborhood or who rent villas in the neighborhood to bring their trash to the Ring Road when the bin in Aloupi is full.

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Birds and the Sea

Tom writes…
I posted a few days ago with a lousy photo of a flock of large birds flying over the bay of Skopelos. Yesterday I managed to get closer one of the known roosting spots at the end of the promontory which begins at Glyfoneri.
I was in a slow moving boat and as we approached the 3 birds flew off. I was able to take a few photos some of which you see above. The photos include a lot of sky but I decided not to crop.
The question remains… what are they? I guess some variety of Gray Herons. I think that they are a little too big to be egrets. Ideas?

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There is a new blog which focuses on the arts in Skopelos. It is written by Tom who often writes articles and comments on SkopelosNews. He wants to highlight all aspects of the creativity of the island and the blog will supplement SkopelosNews.

Today’s post is about the artist Tony Lakides.
The address is http://skopelosarts.wordpress.com

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