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Skopelitans in Athens

20150103_132618_resizedNow that the New Year holidays are over with, many Skopelitans bolt to the big city. There was a Pontic dance group performing some New Year’s mummery in central Athens, moving from platia to platia to entertain. Isabel caught them at Kapnekarias Sq. with their strange helmets and made this photo. Can you spot the Skopeltians in the photo?

We also bumped into several other islanders shopping and enjoying the crush of the crowds.
[photo enlarges with a click]

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Finally some sun

on Saturday morning. The forecast is ok for this weekend but the weather is getting worse again around Tuesday they say. Below some damage control was going on near some olive trees where some big branches broke off.

2014-12-31 13.23.10

The municipality warns people around Glossa about branches and rocks on the roads and especially on the road to Perivoliou where some trees have come down. Drive carefully!

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