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A 2nd wave of bad weather is supposed to roll over part of Greece starting later this evening and tomorrow. About which part of Greece is going to be hit the weather forecast sites are no very clear. Maybe the Sporades will escape?

This photograph was taken around 2 this afternoon.The view is towards Alonissos.

2015-01-05 14.11.51

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This video was unearthed and brought to our attention by reader David Delmonte. Shot at “To Taximi” rembetika club in downtown Athens (Exarheia) in the distant past (Giorgos looks younger), you see the classic rembetika set-up where all the performers are seated, and stay seated for the whole performance.

Giorgos has the Anatoli club at the top of the Skopelos Kastro. These days his sons, Andonis and Theodoris, do all the heavy lifting.

To Taximi is still rocking after all this years though they have an extremely quiet blog here.

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