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Here we have the Pappas and the Coast Guard (or Navy) blessing the sea at Loutraki.

    IMG_0600Then we have the brave souls who jumped in to rescue the cross and be the talk of the town for a few days. Who got it? We don’t know but the humans in the water event did not happen in Skopelos port this morning [error – it did – see here]. Good for Loutraki/Glossa!
    Thanks to Martina and Harald for their fine photography.
    [photos enlarge-click]

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2015-01-06 12.49.01

I (Daphne) always feel sad seeing dead animals but a dead turtle makes me angry too. They are supposed to live forever or at least a 100 years. I am told they can. This one we found on Glysteri beach today. We informed the port police. Not sure what they exactly do but they seemed to appreciate it and would visit Glysteri immediately they said.

2015-01-06 12.48.51

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They just need a home


Yvonne and Neil have been taken care of these puppies but they can’t keep them. They are 12 weeks old.


They need a home. Please call Yvonne for more info on 6980900565.

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Today, the 6th of January it is Theofania/θεοφανια or Foton/Φωτον and it is the last celebration of the Christmas period. This day according to Christians marks 2 events in the life of Jesus. The first was when 3 wise men visited the infant Jesus and the 2nd event was when John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

In many villages (with water nearby) the water is blessed by a priest by throwing a cross in the water. Men and sometimes women will dive after the cross and the person that catches the cross is very lucky.

αρχείο λήψης

Tomorrow around 11 opposite the National Bank the cross will be thrown, weather permitting.

Names celebrating are Fotis, Fotini, Ourania, Jordanis, Theofanis, Fanis.

On Wednesday the 7th John and Joanna celebrate. Big nameday. Be ready to visit homes and make phonecalls.

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