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An abrupt jump indeed from one hopes are organic vegetables to the arrival yet again of a tanker carrying various fuels for cars and furnaces. Despite the Sunday sunshine and 11:00 temperatures about 17ยบ, it appears as if we will have some more bad weather tomorrow.

The “Apiliotis” seems to tank up down at Agioi Theodoroi near the Corinth Canal. It then chugs northward servicing Lemnos, AiStratis (Agios Efstratios), Skyros and the other Sporades.

It is nice to have sunshine for taking photos with a lot of hues and contrast. The drab and dull (and cold) weather of the past few weeks wasn’t very inspiring, at least to me, though there certainly is a genre of low contrast pictures. I’ll take strong sunshine any day.

[The photo enlarges if you are so inclined]

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Crooked vegetables

There is a discussion in England led by chef Jamie Oliver about misshapen fruit and vegetables that are not bought and that get thrown away. It is an enormous amount. Supermarket will start selling these fruit and vegetables with a 30% discount.


Fortunately here on Skopelos we can buy vegetables and fruit that are home-grown and are not the “right” shape or color. Mrs. Agoritsa amongst others sells those vegetables and fruit.
This is what she has on sale now. Broccoli (like a wild bouquet) green olives (bitter but delicious and in all kinds of sizes!) cauliflower (a mountain in the spring) squash (like small dwarfs) spring onions, salads, peppers (all multicolored) and oranges. Get out your recipes!!

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