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IMG_0782Just yesterday (Sunday) Martina stole this glimpse of an instant in the sunset. However yesterday’s balmy weather has turned, as predicted, into a extremely windy Monday. Though not particularly cold, some gusts were up to 50mph this morning. That was enough to topple two boats that were dry docked near the town beach. Pictures tomorrow.

The sunset is looking west (naturally) over Skiathos and Evvia.

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Eye of the storm

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Our roving photorapporteur mike chucks these images over the transom (and on the 36th floor of the Skopelosnews Tower, that’s a feat in itself). He says he was enjoying a short-sleeves stroll along Milia beach in the sun yesterday, and returned today to witness a very different scene. The waves had hurled sand across the parking area behind the beach, but the colony of cats there is safe and sound.

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This beautiful photo was taken yesterday by Martina or Harald up at the northern end of the island. The task or joy of tracking down sea urchins (αχινοι) and grabbing them before they run away has long been a tradition on the shores of the Aegean. Especially on Sundays. You need the uniform though, a blue shirt and green trunks to identify the intrepid hunter. Some shoes would also help.

‘Fess up, which one of you made the photo? Thanks (and more to come).

[The photo is worth enlarging with a click]

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