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Lost little dog

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 1.06.04 PM
Ourania Kathinioti of Skopelos Veterinary Clinic (formerly Animals Health and Care) tells us that this small dog was found yesterday and is currently at her clinic being looked after. She says that it is a nice dog, around 6 months old.

Ourania is asking if this animal belongs to anyone and, if so, please claim it. Not sure if the dog is male or female. If no one claims the dog as their own, he/she would need a new home.

Please pass by her clinic or call 2424024260 for more info.

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Now this is a proper path

Path11Jan15Out last Sunday we took the opportunity offered by the beautiful weather to walk around the back of Palouki to an area called Βάης “Vais”. We were “wishin’ and hopin'” that the dreaded pavers hadn’t constructed another impassable new stone path. What we found was this easy to walk “natural” path offering spectacular views to the north, east and south. The path starts at 400 meters and skirts the north side of well goated 442 meter prominence and then heads down to a “new picnic shelter” at 180 meters.

We didn’t make it all the way down to the shelter having spent a lot of time higher taking photos and looking out towards the island Piperi and south to Skyros and Kymi.

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