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The classes from the lower highschool (Gymnasiou) went on an excursion on Friday. All children and teachers walked to the Agios Riginos monastery where priest/father Christos and the caretakers of the monastery welcomed them. The children were taught something of the history of the monastery and Saint Riginos and accompanied with music some songs were sung. Later in the courtyard the caretakers of the monastery and the parents board of the school offered the children and teachers refreshments. Around midday everybody walked back to Skopelos.

The parents board would like to thank all the mothers who baked cakes, cheesepies for the children!

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Hove to…

JCyacht6This week’s fierce winds, not to mention the occasional hailstorm, claimed two victims, Jean-Claude Taillasson’s yacht Coudrouli and the handsome little two-master former lifeboat that the NIKOS sailing club uses, which were both hit by gusts of up to 82kph – technically, ‘strong gale’ conditions at Nine on the Beaufort scale – and knocked off their chocks in the harbour dry dock. Jean-Claude’s yacht has now been righted and awaits repair, while at the last swing-by the NIKOS craft was still forlornly listing to starboard on the dock. Thanks to our peripatetic photorapporteur Tom for the image.

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