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Big River

Moseying about the area east of the Skopelos car park, we came across this scene of wild and natural splendor. It is the delta land of the great river which surges from somewhere and, after traveling beneath human construction for 200 meters, empties into Skopelos Bay. Though no wading birds nor frogs were in sight, we got to wondering. The watershed for this constant trickle is quite extensive, including the areas from Raches to the helicopter pad, across the Staphylos area, and the entire western flank of Palouki as far as Mili.

Did this sometimes brook, sometimes river ever flow regularly with a greater volume of water in the olden days? Did it have a name? There is a DEYA (water department) facility about 100 meters inland from Agios Riganaki shrine at the “T-junction”. Now the sewage connection from the village up to the processing facility follows the same route, only backwards.
River watershed

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grafittiWe found this graffiti on the wall of the gym the other day and, although we have passed the Christmas season, the Crisis is still with us.

Parliamentary elections are coming up on January 25th so we can expect, at least, that we will see friends who have left the island returning to vote. If planning travel over that weekend (especially coming to the island before the elections or leaving afterwards) it might be a good idea to talk to a ticket agent soon.

Regarding the graffiti – high marks for spelling and composition, low mark for creativity.

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