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Glossa is Going Green


In a joint initiative between the Town Council, the Volunteers Office of Skopelos, the organisation White Butterflies of Volos and both the Junior and Senior schools in Glossa, there will be a new recycling station located by the High School in Glossa. Everything that is put in the containers will be collected and sent off for recycling in Volos

Three new containers will be placed near the bus stop / kiosk by the main Glossa – Skopelos road, outside of the High School gates to accept plastic bottle caps, plastic bottles and aluminium drink cans for recycling. It is important that the correct item is put in the correct container, and if possible, both plastic bottles and aluminium cans are flat before deposit.

Also it is important that plastic bottle caps are separated from the bottles as they are different kinds of plastic.

This is a trial process in co-operation with White Butterflies of Volos, a charity which provides amenities for children with special needs. If it proves successful, during the summer we will make direct agreements with the recycling companies and all the proceeds will come back to Glossa and used to provide essential items for the school, as well as contributing to the cost of excursions for the pupils.

On 31 January the Parents Committee of the schools will be holding a ‘cake cutting’ ceremony in Glossa, and there will also be a discussion on the benefits of recycling, and how it will improve both the village and the island. Researching the scale of the problem of plastic bottle waste indicates that Glossa alone produces around 165,000 empty 1.5l water bottles during the summer. The island as a whole therefore may increase this to around half a million.

Further information can be obtained from Tony on 69479 86671

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