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Sunday 5pm 25Jan15
Above is a screen grab grabbed yesterday at 5pm. The second below was made today at around 1pm.
Monday-2015-01-26 at 1.02.12 PM

Does anyone see the disparity between aircraft traffic into/from Athens and into/from Istanbul(Konstantinopoli)?
Which one is a capital city of a EU member country?

Inside the yellow circles are the cities mentioned.

Images enlarge and are from http://www.flightradar24.com/

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tsiprasThe winning, left-wing party Syriza has already agreed to form a government with the right-wing Independent Greeks (ANEL) party. Both parties can’t be further apart on many issues (connection state-church, immigration) but they agree on anti-europe and austerity issues. Alexis Tsipras will be the new prime minister in a couple of hours. He will not swear his oath on a bible which is a first in greek history as many other things are a first in these elections. We will keep you posted.

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The results…

NAtional table
The [enlargeable] map above tells it all. The voters in Greece have given SYRIZA an overwhelming mandate to change the course of the country. It is a convincing victory for the left.

Falling short (149) of an outright majority of seats in Parliament where 151 are needed, SYRIZA will have to form a coalition with another party to gain the necessary seats. Will this be a case of “strange bedfellows”?

Today Alexi Tsipras will meet with the President of the Republic who will ask SYRIZA to form a government. Syriza will have a few days to negotiate with another party. If they can not agree with another party, the task of forming a government will fall to the party which came in second.

Locally, Magnisias will be represented by 5 MPs from Syriza (see below) and one MP from Nea Demokratia.

Homeboy candidates Spyros Lemonis polled 4,301 for SYRIZA, and KKE’s Giorgos Anagnostou pulled 759 – neither enough for a seat.

The entry point for the website of the Ministry of Interior’s election tally can be found by clicking here. Then click on the Union Jack in the lower left corner.

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