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A wag armed with Photoshop pictures Samaras's departure

A wag armed with Photoshop pictures Samaras’s departure

Shades of the Clinton administration’s departing gift to the incoming Bush administration – the removal of the letter ‘W’ from all computer keyboards in the White House – in a story circulating on social media today accompanying the above picture. Tsipras’s new, slimmed down crew arrived at the prime ministerial Maximos Mansion headquarters to find that all the computers and paperwork had been removed, and the bathrooms cleared of even the barest necessities, by the departing Samaras team. Who said neocons don’t have a sense of humour?

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Klaus send us this picture from Milia. He has fiddled a little bit with it and the result is very nice. Thanks Klaus!

Milia IMG_3829 edited1 Sanna, old, dirt

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mystery-shop-1We’ve been watching this mystery shop – ‘misterio katastima’, as we believe it is translated above – undergoing refurbishment opposite the Gousto restaurant on the lane to the post office for some weeks now. As the refit approached completion, thick brown wrapping paper appeared blocking the windows. Unsubstantiated rumour reckons it will be a bookshop, although a squint through the gap at left revealed boxed toys of some sort on an extensive shelf system. The name ‘Χωχαρούπα’ didn’t unfurl into an English equivalent at Google Translate, so we will have to wait for the grand opening for all to be revealed. Watch this space.

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