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Green for starboard

starnboard lightAnyone arriving in the harbour recently may have noticed that the old starboard lateral post, the green light at the end of the molos that helps craft navigate their way into the port, has been looking a little battered. Spiros Ramantanis has constructed a brand new stainless steel replacement, which only awaits the transfer of the green starboard light and its solar power system to go into service. Given the state of the old one, it was only a matter of time before it blew away. Thanks to mike for the photo.

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The unruly mob outside the SkopelosNews Tower offered us an ultimatum, either post the monthly oat report or face the horrible consequences. Naturally the troika imagined three different scenarios of what “horrible consequences” meant and we decided, on a vote of 2-1 (“horrible consequences” actually sounded good to one of us), to publish the story which had been burbling in the bowels of the SkopelosNews production center.

Digging through the files, we found the photo for the article which had been supplanted on January 15 by the “Lost little dog” and the “Now this is a proper path” stories. Sorry for the delay and grateful thanks to the unruly mob.

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