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Sunbeds going cheaply today

If you arrived at Staphylos beach Sunday morning expecting another lazy day lying in the sun, you would have had a big surprise. With the South wind blowing mightily, there was no place for even the stout hearted to take it easy. The temperature got to the low 70s (22± C) at around 10am before dropping off a bit.

But the wind was the big story today and maybe tomorrow too. [photos enlarge with a click]





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And just about anyone else who is a fan of the Gialos restaurant, which opens again on Monday February 2. The Grauniad readers’ favourite Greek waterside eatery, which beat out competition by a mile in a Guardian Witness poll last summer, will be opening 12-6pm for lunches in the short term, and evenings later in the spring.

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Day for night

That ain’t the moonrise, but a shot of the sun emerging from behind Mount Palouki this morning. In the midst of a dust storm, practically all color is missing from the photo. The dust works like the technique of underexposing film, or tungsten balanced lights to create a sense night during the daytime shooting.
La nuit américaine.

2015-02-01 07.21.16

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