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Last Sunday’s walk starting at To Spiti Dunlop and up along the ridge over Skopelos Town covered a fair distance, with fewer Scramblers than usual but with better weather than expected. The view of Skopelos Town from that perspective was clear and breathtaking for those who had not experienced it before. When they reached a fitting picnic area, a flat green paddock next to the heliport and yet in the wooded area, it was also a surprise find.

Sunday February 15
Having recovered from Valentine’s Day celebrations (you do all know that Saturday is the 14th?) the group will gather just before Agnontas, at the start of the track through the woods to Amarantos. The meeting time is 11am and if the weather sites are to be believed the Scramblers hope to sit by the water’s edge, eat Jim’s egg sandwiches, fight for some of Caroline’s cake and drink Sandra’s coffee. Muriel has also said that if anyone wants to partake of the waters she could be persuaded to clear the blue tablecloth.

Call Muriel Dunlop on 24240 24732 for further information and transport for those without cars.

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Czech visitors

"November in Prague"

“November in Prague”

A few days ago we posted a congratulatory note about former mayor Giorgos Michalis’ appointment as CEO of the National Bank of Greece, a job which didn’t require him to commute from Glossa to Skopelos and back everyday.
Among the tributes which poured into the comments section was one from Jiří written in Czech. We were able to get a general sense of Jiri’s message but some subtleties escaped us.

We turned the task over to our multi-talented and multi-lingual neighbor “S” who translated for us.
Jiří’s original…
Jsem Čech každoročně jezdící na nejkrásnější ostrov když ne na světě, tak v Evropě určitě. A velice bych rád zde zůstal nastálo, protože zde je nejenom krásná příroda, ale žijí zde také lidé, kterých si velice vážím. Doufám, že pan exstarosta bude v nové funkci dobře hájit nejenom finanční zájmy svých spoluobčanů, ale i životní prostředí ostrova Skopelos tak, aby již nebyl dále zastavován a asfaltován. Jistě by také stálo za úvahu omezit na ostrově počet v sezonně půjčovaných motorových vozidel, především pak osobních automobilů a rámusících čtyřkolek. Aby kvůli pominutelnému byznysu navždy nepominuly krásy ostrova.

Translation by “S”…
I am a Czech who travels each year regularly, year after year, to the most beautiul island if not in the whole world, then certainly in Europe. I would very much like to stay and live here permanently, because not only is nature beautiful here, but also because there are people who live here whom I respect greatly. I sincerely hope that the ex mayor in his current function is not just looking after the financial well being of his felllow islanders, but that he also takes care of the environment on Skopelos island in such way that overbuilding and concreting/asphalting of roads is limited. It would be to the benefit of the environment in general to limit the number of motor vehicles on hire in the season, and in the first place that of the personal motor cars and noisy ATVs, in order that the beauty of the island does not disapper forever because of potentially lost [or missed] earnings.

[Photo borrowed from tomsumartin whose other photos can be found here. It’s worth a peek.

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Parties from now on

Carnival is in full swing on Skopelos, with yesterday being the first day where dressing up and cross-dressing were seen. The high school had a party with a fake wedding, and the tickets for the lottery for the trip to Athens were drawn. So far 950 euros have been raised for the kids, but donations are still welcome. The students are not going until the beginning of March.

2015-02-12 11.25.39

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