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If you have been paying attention you probably have notice the island becoming noticably lighter.
No – not in the light/dark sense but as in light/heavy.

Looking around over the winter months, we’ve noticed many people who, at the end of the summer were pleasingly plump, have trimmed down considerably. In some cases the change seems miraculous.

The force behind these changes is Olga Maridaki, the young woman whose photo is above. A dietician by training, Olga has set up a consulting clinic here in Skopelos (near the elementary school playground – on the corner opposite the Triandafylos bakery).

Olga consults on diet and lifestyle, and suggests individual strategies to help people achieve their goal.
Solutions to any food related problems are within her reach. The rest is up to you.

Those interested can telephone 24240-23451 or just drop in during usual hours and make an appointment, or, if she is available, talk to her immediately.

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Up to no good

Your Monday morning bug.
Most likely “not good for the garden”, this bright coral pink thing was last seen this A.M. enjoying the dampness by scurrying somewhere. Though we can’t remember exactly, we think that we read somewhere that it is indeed a pest or at least bothersome. So much for nature’s camouflage, it really stands out.

We will need to upload its photo to Google Image to see if we can find a match.

Update – no luck
Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 9.57.25 AM

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