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It went thattaway

PanormosFloodThanks to mike for this photographic evidence of the effects of Wednesday night’s unexpected cloudburst. We’re not sure of the extent of the inundation but the downpour, accompanied by some of the loudest thunderclaps we have heard in a long time (one reader outside Skopelos believes their home may have been the subject of a lightning strike), put the new dam at the centre of the island to the test. The lining held, but as pipe A hasn’t yet been attached to pipe B at some crucial junction connecting it to the mains system, the water had no choice but to head down to Panormos beach and carve this runnel as it debouched into the sea.

Debouched. Probably one of our favourite obscure words…

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They are having fun that is for sure. The 20 students from the high school on their Athens excursion. Yesterday they visited the Acropolis and the museum. The day before they visited the parliament. Thank you for the photos Christina.

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