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The Scramblers in better weather - will it ever return?

The Scramblers in better weather – will it ever return?

The scramblers are ready to take up the Skopelos walking challenge again, with or without rain. The meeting point for Skopelos Townies is Carrefour supermarket tomorrow Sunday at 10.15am and for Out of Towners 11am at the car park above Perivoli beach. The walk will then proceed along the lighthouse track in the woods beyond Perivoli beach. A shared picnic will be available at the lighthouse itself – Muriel will spread her usual blue checked table cloth.

For further information contact Muriel on 24240 24732.

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You can change the clocks tonight or tomorrow morning because summertime officially begins on Sunday, 29 March 2015 at 03.00 hours. The clocks are turned forward 1 hour to 04.00 hours. Summertime starts and as a result there will be more light in the evening.

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The video below is worth watching I (Daphne) think. It belongs to the category: “nothing to do with Skopelos” but in fact it has to do everything with Skopelos because Skopelos is Greece too. The video was shot this month in Athens and Dani (about 30 years old) speaks to us about Greek austerity, Greece’s place in Europe and the people who are suffering because of the austerity.
These are her last words in the video:
“My words are a call for a mutual hug. And an honest, a sincere, “I like to see you smile”. In the years to come. That’s what European Integration is all about. Now is our chance. The so-called “Apathetic Generation”, the “screen generation”, the melancholic generation, the “lost generation”, can be the first generation in modern history who will some day recite the story of dreaming about something better. And making it happen. We can be that generation. The proudest.
Us Greeks became the guinea pig of austerity. Because we dared to implement it. And we made it. In paper. And yet we are dying. In life. Now we dare to be the guinea pig of hope. For a fairer Europe. With lots of hard work. With honesty. Together. Don’t leave us alone. Don’t be afraid. I want and I can contribute. I can bear it. As long as I have the right to smile. You?”

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