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The road to Glysteri beach was partially destroyed but the gaps in the asphalt have been filled in. The beach has partially been cut off from the road. There remains a lot to be done still and hopefully this will be in the plans for the future. Maybe with this happening to the beach investors will think twice before building a luxurious settlement there? (Daphne)

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Ai Giorgi The small and derelict monastery/church on the islet of Ai Giorgi has been renovated and cleaned up over the past few months. The islet Ai Giorgi (Agios Giorgios) lies between Skopelos and Alonissos and is featured through the church doorway in the Mamma Mia wedding scene. The church appeared to be a ruin for many years yet now has a fresh coat of whitewash. The monastery building appears to still need a lot of work and access by boat is very difficult. Word is that a local (Skopelitan) family either owns the islet or is merely responsible for the church. DSCN3918

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