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The Life of Pig

The Flight of the Gorouni
In the ferry office Monday morning a man with a vehicle renting service was making plans to ship some of his cars to Volos for repair. He told me during a lull in the booking procedure that one of his washed away Gourounia (Pigs) was found on a beach near Oksilithos Evvia, just south of Kymi.
Gourouni, the Greek nickname for those noisy 4×4 All Terrain Vehicles, is Greek for pig. About the size of a very small car, apparently they take to the water well as that is a 70km journey for a crow flying in a straight line. For a voyaging pig it might be a little longer.

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That sound you might hear at 11:00 today will be part of the nation-wide testing of emergency warning signals.

The siren will sound for one minute.

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