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More fun with weather

Storm siteTonight’s light show, as our map courtesy of the Diavata Thessaloniki storm-tracking website explains, started west-south-west of Skopelos, over the central part of Evvia, but is heading north and is now overhead; the old count-to-nine reckoning suggests that some lightning events are less than a mile from Skopelos Town. Winds that were at zero this morning have been gusting at up to 40kph, and according to Yiannis Chatzitrakosas’s Skopelos weather station are south-westerlies. Rainfall soared from zero to 25mm/ph earlier and in some parts of town the lights are going on and off. The only good news is that Yiannis’s barometer is rising rapidly, usually a sign of better weather arriving. We might at least wake to cleaner streets tomorrow.

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Water was flowing down the main street of Skopelos today but this time the fire department was the guilty party because they have been cleaning the main street and the side streets of mud and small rubble.

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