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Update; there is a rumor that prime minister Alexis Tsipras is visiting Skopelos together with defense minister Panos Kammenos this afternoon. A black helicopter was seen flying over Skopelos about an hour ago. Photos maybe later ? Now?

Tsipras looking things over

Tsipras looking things over

Apparently Alexi did make a quick visit today.
Pop this link into your favorite translator if you need to.. from Taxydromos newspaper. Good work Mayor Vasiloudis for making your point to the government in Athens.

(The beaches, the forest, the villages are still here, the sun will always be around and the wonderful people of Skopelos are still here)

I (Daphne) wanted to give the readers of Skopelosnews (on and off the island) an update of all the small and big things that are happening in Skopelos about two weeks after the 22nd of September.

Skopelosnews has been reporting about the big clean up in Skopelos town and around and we have been showing pictures of the damaged beaches etc.
So much more is happening though. Some business people in the areas that were hit have cleaned and repaired their businesses and started working fairly quickly again. Photos of the new business have proudly been posted on Facebook. A new start for them. Others unfortunately had so much damage to the buildings and materials and they have to wait to rebuild. Hopefully insurance will fund their new businesses. Others, we have heard, will not open again or will not open again in the same street or area. What is happening in Agnondas with the businesses there I don’t know. Hopefully we will speak with owners there soon.

I believe the main street of Skopelos will remain and become the street again through which you enter the harbor and the beautiful village. It will have restaurants, it will have it’s couriers businesses, it will have a pet store, fruit stores, a bakery, a supermarket, hotels and car and motor-rental companies.

The army is being fed at the KAPH (elderly citizens association) every day by Christos Chrissofos and the people there. They are doing a great job and the army is doing a great job on the island repairing broken roads, removing stones, sand, mud that got stuck in the strangest places. Hopefully the army will stay a little bit longer to help out.

Tomorrow afternoon, Friday, the Greek minister of Defense, Panos Kammenos is coming to Skopelos. Nikos Triandafilou, one of the two vice majors, told me tonight. He also told me that Mr. Christos Vasiloudis, the major of Skopelos, has been in Athens and will go back again after Mr. Kammenos his visit to talk to the government about funds to repair the roads etc. but also to talk about getting money for those who were hit by the flood.

2 disaster funds have been set up to try to raise money and help out people or businesses. The people who started the disaster funds should be thanked. The local sailing association NIKOS and Jill Somer who organizes many (art) events especially for the children of Skopelos. There is talk that the municipality will also open a bank account. We will see.

The amazing stories of people being saved from cars, from homes are numerous. Some were really heroic efforts and restores hope. Not everybody is thinking about themselves in this day and age.
A family of five with 3 small children was saved from their car which was about to be swept away by the river of water behind the t-junction towards Stafylos and the ring road. They have found a home that was lent to them by a kind French couple who have a holiday home here. Thank you F. and C! The first couple of nights they were taken in by Skopelitans Th. and C. who were hit by the flood themselves. Thank you all! Complete strangers have been shopping for the family and have donated clothes for the children because their house was flooded and hardly anything could be saved. The kindness of people is amazing. Another man is offered a bed to sleep in a neighbor’s house while he is cleaning his own house.
A woman who was thrown in the sea near Agnondas and held on to a boat line for hours was saved by locals who were checking out their boat after the storm.

Thinking about tourism on the island we heard the nice news that the business association in Glossa will go on an educational trip to Spain funded by the Greek National Strategic Reference Framework called ESPA.

ESPA is the organization where interested parties can submit their applications for receiving European Union Funds for certain activities. In Spain seminars will be held about tourism, promotion and management etc. and Skopelos will be able to present herself and her products to other cities and countries. The trip will be from the 16th of October until the 30th of October and business people from Glossa and Elios will represent Skopelos in Spain.

Anybody that can tell us more about initiatives, repairs, rebuilding, other human stories please let us know. Skopelos is standing up, the mud was momentarily holding us down but not for long!

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