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Lights out!

Those living on the grid might be interested to know that tomorrow (Sunday) morning and afternoon the electricity from the mainland will be cut temporarily. At 8am and at 2pm the juice will be off for about a half hour each time. As it appears to be all of the Northern Sporades affected along with the South Pelion district, there is probably some work being done in South Pelion. Enjoy!
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Lacking only external speakers blaring Wagner’s ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ as in that scene in Apocalypse Now!, four army helicopters roared in low from the sea and over Skopelos harbour mid-afternoon yesterday bringing Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos, his heavily-rumoured companion, prime minister Alexis Tsipras, and sundry army types and officials for an official visit to view the aftermath of the 22 September storms. As stunned (and some, pre-warned, not so stunned) lunchtime diners along the paralia watched the copters zoom overhead, the craft landed at the football field for the occupants to de-helicopter and take a swift tour of the efforts to rebuild after the devastation.

Meanwhile, diners elsewhere along the paralia had already been intrigued by the steady trickle of insouciant townsfolk sauntering along the seafront, heading for the Klimataria taverna – basically, the dimarkeion canteen on any day of the week – where many had clearly been tipped off that Alexi was going to stop for lunch.

Tavernagoers elsewhere were tipped off half an hour or so later when a convoy of official vehicles drove into town, followed by an amusing hue-and-cry of other people who had also spotted the prime minister’s convoy, jumped into their cars, and joined in the pursuit. They were followed by a caravan of other vehicles and the merely pedestrian, with a surge of the curious joining in. At one point, as people abandoned their vehicles to see Tsipras, there was a long traffic jam along that part of the paralia, inspiring one wag to suggest we should call the port police…

A forest of TV cameras, iPads, smartphones and pocket cameras surrounded Tsipras, Kammenos and mayor Christos Vasiloudis as they met in front of the dimarkeion to discuss the crisis and the government’s response. The event was something of a melée, so we’re not sure what was said, although a comment from mike below our earlier report suggests that authorities are saying damages could exceed €30 milllion.

(Photos Daphne Timmers and Evripidis Kosmidis)

The party then repaired to Klimataria for a brief lunch, where rumour later insisted people actually stood around Tsipras’s table and watched him eat. We have yet to ascertain the contents of That Tsipras Menu In Full, but will try, although in truth the meal was probably over in half an hour, the entire event in less than an hour. The encounter was more affable than our photos might suggest, and the mayor is said to have returned to Athens with Tsipras and Kammenos to discuss the government’s reaction to the crisis.

Our grateful thanks to the helpfully very tall Kostas Skouras for permission to use his images from the event.

Also see Giorgos Poulios’s article and photo at Efimerida Northern Sporades

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