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The Camphill site at Alikias

The Camphill site at Alikias

The Camphill Skopelos project, which aims to provide accommodation and therapeutic spaces for islanders with developmental disabilities, is planning a new campaign to take the idea to the next stage. Over the summer the project raised nearly €4,000 from a variety of sources, and its plans for a web site should encourage more donations. They’ve asked us to report that just under a thousand euro has been raised from those cute perspex collection boxes they have been leaving around hotels and shops. An anonymous €2,500 came from US friends of CS co-founder Christos Kritalos of Glossa, and €150 from the family of Kostas Kosmas in memory of a family friend. Without any publicity, they have already raised €350 from the sale of CS bracelets and fridge magnets.

The CS architect is close to finalizing the plans for the first stage of the project at Alikias, which should enable them to apply for external funding. CS are also planning to unveil a dedicated kiosk on the Skopelos paralia next summer, where you will be able to buy those CS bracelets and fridge magnets to support the fundraising, and hear more about the project. The CS web site, delayed due to problems over the summer, is expected to go online shortly, and when it does we’ll be posting the url for people to follow Camphill Skopelos as it progresses. They are also planning a further public meeting to invite supporters’ ideas on how to help the campaign.

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