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Home heating season burst upon Greece, as usual, on October 15. The autumn weather and temperature have been mild and not much thought has been given to heating houses (excepting the sound of chainsaws). Though, due to the new memorandum, there is confusion over what the price should be, customers can legally purchase a supply of home heating fuel just in case.

The enlargeable photo is of the “Apoliotis” fuel tanker in the port on a cloudy Sunday morning (yesterday). The morning light was strange which helped give the photo its weird tone.DSCN4164

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KTEO/MOT car testing


These are the official documents stating that the MOT testing for cars and truck until 3500 kg on the Sporaden islands has been postponed until 31/5/2016. If somebody wants to take their car to the mainland and test their cars there is another matter.


(information from Nikolaos Plomaritis, former mayor of Skiathos and regional consultant Sporades )

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