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Help rebuild Nastas

NastasThe popular taverna Nastas, one of the few restaurants to remain open year-round in Skopelos Town, has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding appeal here to help it rebuild after the catastrophic damage during the storm of September 22. Sitting at the confluence of the water courses near the Agios Riginos shrine at the T-junction, Nastas took the brunt of the storm waters as they surged into town, as can be seen in the photos at the IndieGoGo site. There was structural damage to both the front and back of the restaurant, as well as the roof, and virtually all of the interior furniture and equipment were ruined. Anyone who has enjoyed a meal there might consider chipping in to help Nastas recover from the disaster.

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As we approach the “one month after the storm” date and its appropriate festivities, residue is still turning up here and there. There are a lot of storm crushed motorbikes and cycles in bushes and trenches on the sides of roads waiting, we suppose, to be trucked off by the Greek Rom families whose livelihoods derive in part from the collection and recycling of metal.

The image above of a lost crash helmet was taken last Sunday along the rough jetty near the car park. The sight was a bit creepy for the photographer who really really hoped that there was no head attached (there wasn’t). All in all the helmet was in “good” shape, just a bit slimy and slightly colonized from sitting in the sea for three weeks, and was later set on dry land for anyone who cared to take it.

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