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While exploring the ins and outs of Palouki, and giving the dog a run, we found (again, after many years) this spot. Nestled in the cleft that we believe channels Fteri stream, this seemingly fragile arch survived the torrent of water, boulders and trees which devastated the gorge above and below it.

Our visit was at about 4 – 4:30pm and the contrast between the brilliant light of the late afternoon sun and the deep shadows of the forest created a visual environment which stimulated the imagination. Mix in the soft sound of trickling water and it’s no wonder we didn’t see Nereids behind every tree. Or did we?

[the image should enlarge with a (few?) clicks]

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According to Taxydromos Newspaper, €100,000 has been released by the Ministry of Merchant Marine for repair of the port of Agnontas.
That’s good. The port has been in use continually in bad weather for both ferries and passenger vessels (Flying Cats and Dolphins) though for ferryboats, the docking, unloading and loading needs extra special care.

According to the article, the mayor had asked for €450,000 for the repair of the port, so he hopes to get more money to work with.

Also filed with the ministry was an application for €500,000 to fix the entrance/exit to the main port and restore it to its former functional and visual grandeur.

The municipality has also formally requested that the army engineers return and fix Tom’s retaining walls and continue with their fine work which, we guess, would include restoring the road Agnontas – Petraki.
Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 9.22.14 AM

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Cosmo comes to Kalokairi

cosmoNext summer we might find ourselves inundated with dressed-to-kill twentysomething single women skilled at both soufflés and simultaneous orgasms following the publication of a glowing report of a visit to Skopelos in the latest edition of the UK version of Cosmopolitan magazine. Journalist Katie Burnetts’ article is a cut above the average freebie press-trip write-up, and while including the obligatory reference to Mamma Mia! avoids the clichés of most travel journalism hackery and even seems to have been researched on the ground.

Some fun Cosmo facts. Founded in 1886, the magazine serialized H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds in 1897. Early contributors included Ambrose Bierce, Theodore Dreiser, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, George Bernard Shaw and Sinclair Lewis. Under 1965 appointee Helen Gurley Brown it revolutionized the women’s magazine industry. And last week Burt Reynolds told the Guardian that he regretted posing for the world’s first near-naked male centerfold for Cosmo in 1972 (just don’t scroll down to the David Hasselhoff spread!). Its current editor is former Guardian journalist Joanna Coles.

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Now the the dog drama is over (for the moment) we can relax by meditating with this view of Skopelos as our mantra. The photo is from Thursday morning but it could have been Friday as both mornings were spectacularly clear. The image was taken from the Periferal Rd. across from Xiotis Furniture Emporium.
los-pe-sko, los-pe-sko, los-pe-sko, (repeat).

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Dog down in dexamini


While researching a “story” about something else, we passed a small (but dry) stone water holding tank (dexamini) with a well camouflaged dog inside. As the area there is unfenced and untended, there are a few hen houses and sheep shacks kept by squatters. We figured that the dog was there to protect something. It barked at us as if that was its job.

Returning a few days later we noticed that the (collared) dog was lethargic and appeared skinny, something we hadn’t noticed before. We realized that there it was likely that the animal had fallen into the tank and was stuck there. We found a plastic bucket, filled it with spring water, and lowered it 180cm to the floor of the tank. The animal went right to the water and drank. Aloupi, we have a problem.

We returned with a big plastic bag of dry dog food which we dropped into the pit.

Not trying to be smart alecks, if anyone wants a dog we know where to find it. Our thought was to bring a ladder, climb down into the tank and try to lift the dog out. As we have been feeding it, he/she is now happy to see us and maybe could be handled. We would like some advice as well as suggestions about what to do with the dog once it is free of the pit. We can’t take it as we already have a dog.

Happy ending! See comments below for a minute by minute account.

Nikos pacifying the "not too big" dog

Nikos pacifying the “not too big” dog

Photo: © Giorgos Poulios - Efimerida Vories Sporades

Photo: © Giorgos Poulios –
Efimerida Vories Sporades

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Fishing for cars

Now you see it, and now…

Now you see it, and now…

…you see it

…you see it

The sunken car sitting just off the town beach, which was threatening to become an unwelcome icon of our island, was hoisted out of the sea yesterday and brought onland. It now sits awaiting its fate on the molos by the NIKOS sailing club enclosure. We believe that there may be a few other vehicles – some cars, motorbikes or quad vehicles – still in the water, but probably nothing like the 32 cars estimated by some mainland media sources.

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The last couple of weeks Jill Somer, Soula Patsis and I (Daphne) have had our ears and eyes wide open to get a grip on the real needs that people have after the flood on 22nd of September.
Jill started a disaster fund and has raised over 10.000 dollars. In this amount is included the money that Athina Stamatelos raised at the Greek festival in Pensacola USA (1.800 dollar)
We want to thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


The stories about what has happened to people keep coming and after long talks we decide what to give and to whom. In that decision process we also count on stories from 3rd parties. Almost nobody who is in need has approached us directly. We almost always heard stories from other people about them.
In order to give something to somebody in need and to also have a good financial administration we either buy the goods that people need ourselves (weighing scales, refrigerators, cookers, food, medicines) or we ask for a receipt (repairs, road works etc.) The final list will be available as soon as we have given all the money to the people in need. We will only publize what has been given without names.

Below is a post from Jill that she posted 17 days ago on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. Here she explains how we work.

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know the progress we have made in supporting the flood victims of Skopelos. We have helped a family that have a very sick 3-year-old girl. Honestly, we discovered how dire the situation because of the flooding and have not only given them some much-needed support buy purchasing medicine, milk and feeding tubes (the girl cannot eat normally) but also asked a charity to help with the girl’s heart operation. We have bought 4 stoves, 1 refrigerator, a machine for the local ceramist, Nikos Rodios to separate his clay that he collects. We are going to help a family that has had to walk to their home for the past month because their road has been blocked by mud; they couldn’t afford to hire a bulldozer to clear their road. The list goes on and on. But as you can see, your money is going to good use. I think the most important thing that I have experienced is that this funding has given the Greeks hope. They are moved by the fact that perfect strangers are willing to help. And I am eternally grateful for your generosity. Jill Somer

We will keep you posted!!

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This donkey was spotted near the high school. Most donkeys on the island work for a living. They transport goods or take farmers who don’t have a driving license to their farms. This donkey seems to have taken retirement.

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Getting there

2015-11-23 09.50.24

Nikos Rodios is busy remaking the ornaments for the Agios Riginos shrine. The photo above is from the new ornament.

2015-11-23 09.49.02

This is the original ornament and needs to be made new.

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Doctors coming


On Friday the ear nose and throat specialist will be at Asklepion. On Saturday the orthopedic surgeon and on Sunday the ophthalmologist.
Call the reception of the clinic to make an appointment or for more information. Tel: 2424023837. English is spoken and the doctors speak English too.

Date Time Doctor Specialty
Fri 27 November all day Dr.X Ear, Nose, Throat
Sat 28 November all day Dr.Y Orthopedic Surgeon.
Sun 29 November all day Dr. Z Ophthalmologist

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