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On Sunday afternoon around 14.00 hours sirens were heard and a little later at least 2 water planes started working on a fire that probably started near the monastery of Agios Efstathios.
Word was that the fire started in the forest around there and was difficult to reach. Volunteers were also asked to help out. Around 6 O’clock the water planes were not seen anymore.
Anybody who knows more please comment. The information is not from an official source.

Photos from Robert L. of the fire. Thank you!


Photo from Mike. Thank you!

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bakery menu…Even if they’re only peeping on harmless soon-to-open zakaroplasteia. So, like, yeah, we walk past it almost every day, but the mysterious is-it-a-bakery? up from the ScrewDriver bar now seems to have a menu in preparation for its opening, which one of our minions snapped in the window of its neighbour Technic& craft gallery up in the hipster midtown Skopelos Town neighbourhood that almost everybody still isn’t calling SOBA (South of Barramares). The menu we snapped promises bread, coffee, tea, cakes and other delicacies, and we will be near the front of the queue when it opens.

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