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The last day of Carnival is celebrated on the island and several parties and parades will be held in Skopelos, Elios and Glossa. If it rains the parties will be held indoors. In Skopelos at Orfeas. In Glossa above Mosxoulas shop. In Elios in the school?
In Skopelos the traditional parade will be held with bride and groom and wedding guests. Traditional clothes from Skopelos and other places in Greece will be worn. People will get dressed in the morning and at 13.30 hours the whole group will start walking from the gym hall next to the health center up into the town.The group will stop in the several squares and dance and will end up at the Municipal cafe/KAPI (elderly association) where a party will be held. Come and see this because it is pretty special.
In Elios you can join the party at 14.00 on the central square.
In Glossa the party starts 13.00 hours at the square in the top of the village.

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