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With Brussels and many other places in the world where terrorists have killed innocent people in mind, we write this post. In Greece a lot of national holidays are celebrated in memory of independence, freedom and peace. We should remember on these days not only the history but also the violent attacks that took place in the world recently.

Tomorrow is Friday March 25, Greek Independence Day. It is a national holiday and commemorates the start of the war of independence against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. Greece was part of The Ottoman Empire from 1453 and the underground Filikia Eteria – ‘friendly society’ – set the revolutionary movement in motion. The brave gesture of Bishop Germanos in Patras on March 25 was the start of the revolution. He raised the flag over the monastery of Agia Lavra in the Peloponnese. The cry ‘Freedom or death’ became the motto of the revolution.

On Skopelos, schoolchildren from the high school and the Scouts will parade on the main street of the town, weather permitting, after 11am. If it rains everybody will head for the coffee houses. Bakeries, supermarkets and offices will be closed. You are supposed to eat cod tomorrow. Ours (Daphne’s) is still in the water to get the salt off. We will let you know if it was a success. In the rest of Europe it is Holy Friday tomorrow. Happy Easter!

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