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platanos roadworks 1The roadworks that have been creeping ever slower from the post office towards Platanos Square – so slowly in fact that businesses on the last stretch might have wondered if there was a conspiracy against them – finally reached the square at the weekend. Some drain covers need to be installed, and some general tidying up done, but we reckon the engineers and workers can be proud of themselves.platanos rodworks 2

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Photograph taken this morning. A beautiful day today.

Ferryboat Proteus is back again on the 21st of April coming to Skopelos not only from the port of Volos but also from Mantoudi on Evia. For the itinerary look here.

This is the route the Proteus takes. It will alternate between the two routes, starting from Volos some days, and Alonnisos on others, on what from early timetables seems to be a two-day basis.


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