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On Saturday April 9, from 6-9pm, the Orfeas Cinema will host four speakers who will talk about their experience in turning islands and communities green in the way they use and produce energy. The speakers are:

Constantinos Katopis, engineer and board member of the Greek Wind Energy Association (ELETAEN);
Apostolos Panagiotou, Emeritus Professor, University of Athens;
Michalis Prodromou, energy policy consultant, WWF Greece;
Dimitris Tsoukalas, former mayor of the village of Anavra, near Volos, who helped turned Anavra into a ‘green village’.

The speeches will be in Greek but it will be worth going to the meeting if you want to meet these people, and Skopelosnews is sure all speakers speak English if you have questions or you want to talk to them.

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We cannot believe it but the Flying Cat 4 will travel from Thessaloniki to Skopelos (The Sporades) this summer. Starting the 16th of June until the 5th of September 2016.

The link is here Flying Cat 4 from Thessaloniki

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