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7 months ago this boat sank to the bottom of the sea in Agnondas. On Friday it came out of the sea again. Divers from the Skopelos diving center found the boat and helped hauling it to the shore.

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The Herbert Tax

Herberts at play on an unspoilt beach in sun-kiss'd Benidorm

Herberts at play on an unspoilt beach in sun-kiss’d Benidorm

One of our many spies draws our attention to a report in The Newspaper That Dare Not Speak Its Name (Oh, OK, The Daily Heil) that parts of Spain, the Balearic Islands and Malta are imposing new tourism taxes that could see families paying over £80 extra for a holiday. As tourists steer clear of jihadi-friendly destinations like Egypt and Tunisia, and bookings to bomb-prone Turkey are reported to be, ahem, “subdued”, Malta is looking at an extra six million euro income a year from a tax of five euro per adult visitor, while the Balearics have announced new taxes that could add £84 to a holiday for a family of four. Greece, of course, removed preferential VAT rates for certain islands last year, but it has yet to impose surcharges on visitors.

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