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We were completely wrong with the names that are celebrated today (thank you Donna) The names are Theopoula, Theopi, Theofania, Theofanis, Fanis, Theano, Iordanis, Ourania, Urania, Rania, Peristera, Phani, Fenia, Fania, Fanoula, Fotine, Fotini, Foto, Fotoula, Fay, Fofo, Fotis, Fotios, Fotika, Photika, Fotiko, Photiko, Fota, Photo (source ©: http://www.namedays.gr)

(photo from Eddie Burgess)

Tomorrow, Friday, the celebration of the cross will take place and Stavros and Stavroula will celebrate their name day. If the weather is ok. get yourself a seat near the various harbors on the island (Elios, Glossa and Skopelos) The cross will be thrown in the water by the priest and some young men will try to catch it. It will bring you luck if you catch it first. Shops and bakeries might be closed. The same goes for banks and other government offices. Fotis and Fotini and Ourania also have their namedays

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A dead dolphin was discovered on Glysteri beach last week and we saw another one on the town beach this morning. Very unfortunate.

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