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Skopelos still has many kalivia/farmhouses and many people use them as a holiday house and fortunately the original furniture and other belonging are kept there. When you visit a kalivi/small farmhouse many items are so authentic of the life that Greeks live and used to live.
A kalivi was used to spend the night(s) during the harvesting of the crops but more recently people spend weekends and holidays etc. there. There are always many beds available because the whole family would help out with harvesting and sometimes even friends would come and help.


Bathrooms were not always present in the kalivi so washing up was done in the kitchen or outside.


Coffee is very important in the life of a Greek and the tool to make a good Greek coffee is a briki/μπρικι.


You don’t want to clean your shoes on these, they are sooo authentic!


Everywhere photo’s of the family are scattered around and with those photographs stories are told. The shed is full of tools because you need them all when you are harvesting, pruning. No television is around, it is nice to talk. No other diversions than the nature. The photo’s are from a kalivi in Alikias.

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