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Skopelos was covered in snow this morning as was predicted by everybody who knows something about the weather. Electricity was also down for a few hours because the amount of snow that falls in the valleys always has consequences for the electricity poles there. These poles bring electricity to various parts of the islands and when they are down whole areas are without electricity.It did not last long though. Halfway in the morning we were up and running again. We were cut of again but at 13.45 hours we are back!

(Photo by Lisa M.)


(photo Tassos M.)

Today is the official name day of Jannis, Janna, Janoula etc. A house without a Jannis/Janna is a house without a future. Σπίτι χωρίς Γιάννη προκοπή δεν κάνει. My husband Jannis celebrates his name day today and I want to wish him health and happiness for the year to come. He is a gentle and wise soul who is always ready to help somebody else. Thank you for being my husband, a father, a brother and a friend to friends.

But also happy name day to Jannis Garifalos from International cafe, Jannis, the volleyball trainer of our daughter, Jannis who works in Karavia cafe, Janna from the Dolphin office, Jannis our koubarra (her daughter baptized our son) Jannis the painter with the ponytail, Janna with her wonderful shop with gifts in the center of Skopelos. Jannis Gikas who helps us out whenever we need him, Jannis who cuts our grass, Jannis who makes roofs, Jannis who trained our son in football, Jannis the taxi driver, Jannis, our neighbor from below our house, Jannis the plumber, Jannis from Magic Cars, Jannis Kosifis who is ill at the moment, we wish him well! Jannis Lemonis from the boat ticket office and Jannis (Zorro) All these people make Skopelos to what it is. An unforgettable place with beautiful people!

Glossa community ready to go on the roads to make them snow free

(photo Agalos F.)

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