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Bravo Alonissos

A couple of youngsters (Christos Voutsinas, Eva Demopoulou and Marios Xioutis) in Alonissos have taken the bad weather in their stride and made this funny video.

This is what they say:”It is the 176th of August and we are here to contradict the stories that Alonissos is in a state of emergency. We will see the inhabitants go out and enjoy the lovely winter sun. Hello guys, have a good summer! The sand is around us the guys say. On this hot winter’s day. Guys have you put sun cream on? Good for you guys. Say something to the audience who believes we are cold and in a mess. Have a good summer! He! where does she go in her bikini! Two beers please. Stay there I will bring you two cold ones.

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Extra stop

The Proteus ferryboat made an extra stop in Agnondas to get passengers for Skopelos closer to home. The road from Glossa to Skopelos was very difficult to drive on so the best road was the sea. Thank you captain Antoniou ! The passenger were picked up by the fire brigade and brought home.

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Snow updates


photo by George Michail


The harbor and Koxili bakery. Photos by Lazaros


Skopelos town (photos by George Kokkoris)

Trying to make a passageway towards the asphalt but the scenery is soo beautiful we stop working to take photographs.

Photos taken around 14.30 hours.

Update 13.44 hours on the 8th of january.

Skopelos down town. Part of the ring road, near Koxili bakery and road into town near Magic Cars.

Photos Apostolis Goumas


The harbor this morning. Video made by Stelios Chrysanthi.

Update 8 January, 11.48 hours.

George Michail, our local astronomer and weather man took this photograph.


Alonissos is finally visible but that is the only good news so far. Alonissos was hit very badly they say. The webcam of Patitiri is here. http://www.skylinewebcams.com/el/webcam/ellada/thessalia/sporades/alonnisos.html
The road below the ring road going towards the church Agios Spiridonas (Spiros)

(Photo Aleko Bushgjokaj)
Update Tuesday 8th of January,10.54 hours. The Proteus ferryboat will not sail today and the schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. Don’t drive around if you do not have to.
If you get stuck it will take hours before somebody can help you. If you need urgent help please call the fire brigade at 24240 24199 or the Health center at 24240 22222 or the vice major Mrs. Klonari 6981219194
(the ring road a couple of hours ago. Photo George Chliveros)
Eleni Kefalonitis, who is a council member for the village of Skopelos, received information from Maggi Klonaris who is vice major of Skopelos. The road to the health center is cleared and the snow machines will now go towards the helicopter pad. The ring road and the central streets in Skopelos are next. Don’t get out of the house of you don’t need to! Be patient, it takes a long time to clear roads.

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Snow, snow and snow

This we have never seen before….

Area Agios Konstantinos-Raches

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