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Bits and pieces

There are not many cows on Skopelos but we spotted these two beauties in a olive grove. We took a drive over the island and spotted many broken trees and branches all over the island from the recent snowfall. A lot of people are pruning and burning the parts of the trees that broke of off but there is still a hell of a lot to do. Not everybody who owns land is on the island at the moment so a not so pleasant surprise will be waiting for them. We saw severals truck with firewood. When a tree is down you can go and cut it. Free wood.

Work on the water reservoir in Loutsa has started again. We spoke to a worker from there and he said that it will be able to hold rainwater after it is finished. We will believe it when we see it.

All in quiet in Panormos. A part of the central road was opened and work was done there for sewage and water provisions. The road need to be fixed though before the first tourists arrive.

A part of a ceiling in the elementary school in Skopelos fell down and the school was closed for a week until the ceiling was fixed and the engineers looked at the school and the various building issues there. For now a statement is given out by the engineers that the children can attend the school but in a meeting with the mayor, parents and the parent’s board it was decided that an engineer team from the province would come to the island and survey all the schools on the island. This should happen on a regular basis but is not done. Islands are the last on the list or responsibility is not taken for signing of on a survey like that.

Restaurants that are open in Skopelos are Ta Kymata/Angelos with live music on Saturday. Kyratso’s kitchen, Ampeliki. In Elios Vangelis. If anybody knows more about the restaurant situation please let us know.

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