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At the back of Agnondas quite a bit of land was taken away by the force of the water in September 2015. Part of the wall are being rebuilt and reinforced.

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What to do with them, again

The lemon trees and many other fruit trees were damaged on the island. They bear fruit that is very ripe so lemonade, jam and preserve recipes were taken out of the recipe folder again!

From Susan; Another way to use them is slice them and put into a jar. Add olive oil and coriander seeds. Keep for 3 months or so and use with chicken dishes, North African or middle eastern recipes….. Delicious!!

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The crowdfunding project to raise money to organize the Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth in July/August of this year was successful again. We raised the money that was needed and with 40 backers, $8,380 was pledged. The organizers of the festival want to thank everybody who has donated very much for their donation. We thank you for your continuing love for the island and its inhabitants. Words are not enough. We hope we can make you proud again this year with wonderful films, amazing directors and children!

Below is a thank you note from Jill Somer

Hello Everyone,
I apologize for my late response to your incredible generosity. We got hit by a terrible snowstorm and it has been difficult to get back to a regular routine. Finally, the kids are in school as of tomorrow, the water and electricity are back on so we are up and running again! It does make this year’s theme of Mother Earth even more important because we would like to teach the kids some survival skills.
Just prior to our snowstorm of the century, we visited Elena and Adonis’ farm. This couple created a beautiful spot in an area called Loutsa where they are producing their own food through planting gardens, fruit trees and raising farm animals. They also have a donkey that may or may not be able to work because he has one eye. The farmer that owned him wanted to give him away because he wasn’t sure he would be useful. Elena thought he would be a great addition to the farm so they took him in. It is such a wonderful example of what can be done in Skopelos with the land being so rich. This is one of the places we are going to try to take the kids during the educational part of SIFFY. Here are a few images to give you an idea of this amazing place.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing contributions. The money will all go towards a good cause. We are going to start inviting filmmakers in the next two to three weeks and then we will know how many kids we can accommodate. We hope to have as many kids as possible because we hate to say no!
Look out for some amazing films this summer. I have a feeling this year is going to be off the charts great!
Thanks again,
Jill Somer
Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY) http://www.skopelossiffy.com

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A photograph of a couple of days ago, the town beach covered in snow. The ducks were swimming in the small lake that always forms itself between the shore and the sea.


A photograph we took from the Kastro area. This a quite a few days after the big snowstorm on Tuesday.


School will start again tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th.

The animals need extra food because they were without food for a couple of days. All the trucks, tractors etc. are on the road working to get the snow under control. High trees had a lot of snow on them and broke. A orange tree had several branches that were broken so we collected the oranges. Still a lot of snow on the road but everybody is working very hard to remove it.
Many people have started to cut the broken branches of trees and simultaneously they collect the wood for the fireplaces and wood burners.

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They are coming


With a slight delay we present the new schedule of the Asclepion clinic

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We have to keep moving

Today is a very Sunny day and everybody is out and about asessing the situation of houses and land. Most main roads of Skopelos are passable but there are still many dirtroads and paths that have an awful amount of snow on them. This means that some people still cannot get out of the house. C. needs to get out of her house but cannot and she will be helped by the firebrigade tomorrow, if nessecary. An employee in a supermarket said that yesterday, Saturday, people were coming out of their houses and to the supermarket like snails after a rainfall! I am not sure if I like the comparison. 🙂

We have yet have to go into town. We are not sure what kind of damages we will see here.

This sums it all up. A message from Angela from four days ago:

I would just like to say a BIG thank you to all the people out there who have kept our island ticking over while we have had this snow. Proteus has kept ‘chugging’ along and just as I finished packing the freezer items in snow – yippee …good old DEH get the lekki going again. The buckets are full of snow for boiling our water and hopefully we will have water again soon.
I hope everyone is keeps warm and safe – Happy 2017 .

Happy New year Angela and we hope to see you soon in town.

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Last night was a quiet night and we kind of realized what has happened the last couple of days. We are alright but to keep a household going without running water and electricity, to cook for the family, to keep them warm, to safeguard the house, the surrounding area, the animals, has been quite a task. Thank God for our fire place and our sisterne/water reservoir. I cannot imagine how it is for people who don’t have these two valuable items.

Snow everywhere. I made this small video on Tuesday when the snowfall was the heaviest.

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Everywhere are bobcats, truck, big machines and they try to keep the snow of the main roads and the important areas like the harbor, the health center etc. etc.

There are no casualties on the island but a house caught fire when the electricity came back on full force and a refregirator caught fire and the house burned down. The family is ok.

A super puma helicopter has rescued several families who were without food, electricity and water for a long time. The were stranded in the areas of Kalogeros, Raches and Pirgos. A big fishing boat has also travelled along the north east coast to pick people up.

No water and electricity so we use the fireplace for heat, water boiling and cooking. No problem at all.

Skopelos in the snow by night.

Working hard to remove snow from the roofs, balconies and the steps.

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And we are back (sort of)


It is Friday the 13! (OMG) and today we walked for the first time down to Skopelos town. The road that we live under was not cleared and we were afraid we had to wade through a meter of snow so that is why we put it off untill today. Today finally snow machines have come up and are working ( see photo above)

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The long and winding road

Tuesday 09.12 hours


The long and winding road we dug to the asphalt is almost gone. Snowed under again. We did manage this morning to clear the path out of the house and towards the animals. We are almost back to square one. Last night it started snowing again and a lot has fallen. The small road outside our house is free but what about the rest of the road towards the asphalt? We will have to wait and see when it stops snowing.

The weather forecasts on the television are all different so we have to see it with our own eyes!

Skopelosnews called the vice mayor M. Klonaris last night (on Monday) and she told us that machines are working everywhere and they were trying to get the road from Pefkias to Raches cleared. Last night they had reached the church Agia Paraskevi. Two meters high snow on the road. The machines also tried to get up the road from the end of the ring road near Milos to the road towards Glysteri but they failed. It was too slippery.

There are quite a few families who are starting to have problems with water, food etc. Hopefully they can get out of their house soon and get groceries.

Proteus ferryboat landed in Alonissos yesterday afternoon after a very rough ride. On the boat were electricity personnel who can help with re-installing of the electricity on the island. Thank God Skopelos has electricity!

On a lighter note. Skopelos resident Thodoris Papalapas. went snowboarding in the street going down from the Denise hotel!

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