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Have a good month!


February started good with the news that British Airways will start flying directly to Skiathos this year. The link is here

These months before the new tourist season starts people will start having a look at their properties and see what work needs to be done in the houses, hotels, apartments etc. This year we have to look at the gardens and land too because the impact of the snow is enormous! On this photo you see that the flowers are all upright except one which was broken by the show and it is like that with all trees, plants and flowers. They all have some kind of damage. To start we need the next few days, which will finally have temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius, to cut, support all the green stuff we have around our properties.

Before the season starts many things still need to be looked at. For instance, the road from Panormos to Limnonari and Agnondas is still closed off. Part of the road to the monasteries apposite Skopelos Village is still broken off and it is dangerous to pass from there. I have no direct information about the area after Elios and Glossa but there must be points of attention there too. The port of Agnondas, will something happen there soon? The port of Skopelos?

I don’t want to sound pessimistic but it is great that more people can come to Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonissos but the island must be ready to receive them, not?

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