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(photo Yiannis Chatzitrakosas)

We have announced that ferryboat Myrtidiotissa will take over from Proteus and do the Volos-Sporades run. There are some days that it will leave from Agios Konstantinos and go to the Sporades and then leave for Volos. Other days it leaves from Agios Konstantinos and ends in Volos. On other days it is just to and from Volos. The schedule is below. Skopelosnews received it from Kosifis Travel. The itinerary is from 14/2/2017 until 23/02/2017. We will see what the next run will be.

Because it is in a very small print it is impossible to photograph the schedule so we wrote the schedule down below. Aqua ferries has not published the schedule below on their website. wwww.openseas.gr has the schedule day by day here

Monday, Thursday and Friday
Volos departure at 08.15
Arrival at Skiathos 11.15 (11.35 departure)
Arrival at Skopelos 12.50 (13.10 departure)
Arrival at Alonissos 13.40 (14.00 departure)
Arrival at Skopelos 14.30 (14.50 departure)
Arrival at Skiathos 16.05 (16.25 departure)
Arrival Volos 19.10.

Wednesday and Sunday
Agios Konstantinos departure at 10.00
Skiathos arrival 13.00 (13.20 departure)
Skopelos arrival 14.35 (14.55 departure)
Alonissos arrival 15.25 (15.45 departure)
Skopelos arrival 16.15 (16.35 departure)
Skiathos 17.50 (18.10 departure)
Volos arrival 20.55.

Tuesday and Saturday
Volos departure 08.30
Skiathos arrival 11.15 (11.35 departure)
Skopelos arrival 12.50 (13.10 departure)
Alonissos arrival 13.40 (14.00 departure)
Skopelos arrival 14.30 (14.50 departure)
Skiathos arrival 16.05 (16.25 departure)
Agios Konstantinos arrival 19.40.

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Armenopetra is a beach which is situated between Elios and Old Klima. The road down is a little bit difficult because it is not wide. At the moment there are people working on several pieces of land to make them flat. They have probably been bought recently and houses will be build there. When you live there a walk to the beach is a couple of minutes stroll. The location is wonderful. On Armenopetra, usually, no sunbeds and umbrellas are placed. It is never busy. The wind can be very strong there with a result that the olive trees, that are unprotected, are yearning to the left and this way make a wonderful entrance to the beach.

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