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Good morning on this wonderful Saturday morning. The sun is shining and spring is in the air. The almond trees are slowly losing their flowers and before we know it small almonds will start growing on the trees again. Life goes on. The spring flowers are out and showing their beautiful colors. Tomorrow we hope the weather will be good so many people can enjoy the carnival festivities on the island!


Working until late are Stamatis and the two Dimitri’s. Their boat/Τράτα isn’t ready yet so they are working hard to get it finished before Sunday afternoon when the procession will be! Yes you are right in asking yourself why this boat is open? How can it sail? Well, the boat is lifted up and taken in the hands of the crew and captain and dragged along the streets. In Glossa the boat is put on the back of a truck and driven around. In the end it will be thrown in the sea where it will sink (if the water is deep enough…)

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