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A year without Maria Broadley

(Peter and Maria)

There is a tradition in Greece that you remember the people, that are not longer with us, at certain times after their death. A year after is important and this is why Peter Broadley, her husband, wants to remember his wife Maria Broadley.

On Wednesday the 22th of February Maria is remembered and anybody who wants to join Peter can meet him at the cemetery at 12 o’ clock where Peter will give a small speech and raise a glass to Maria. After that everybody who wants to, can join him, in the Gialos taverna in the harbor where Syrian food will be on the menu. (donations will be given to doctors without borders)

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The younger and the older generations still keep the tradition of the Trates/Τράτες alive on Skopelos and build together these wonderful boats. Ready to sail in a while!

It was a fantastic Sunday afternoon with song and dance, a lot of wine and beer around but everybody remembered again what this tradition is about. Good work cultural and folkloric association!!!


The youngest participant were from the elementary school with all the parents around the boat helping out when it was needed. They danced together and sang the traditional songs. It was great to see.

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