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Give him wheels

Note; after publishing this story there were several readers with information about the wheelchair that could be useful to the health center employees who are trying to get the money together for the wheelchair. If you want to help please go to the health center on weekdays and talk to Christos please.

A fellow Skopelitan who suffered a stroke is ready to “roam” the streets again but he will have difficulty to walk well the rest of his life. Life after a stroke is not the end and this is why his family is looking for an electric wheelchair. Unfortunately this wheelchair costs 3000 euros.

(we assume it is a wheel chair like this)

The health center in the persons of Lili and Christos are trying to raise the money to buy this wheelchair for our fellow Skopelitan. Everybody who donates will be recorded on a list. Any donations, small and big are very welcome! Please go to the health center and ask for Lili and Christos. We will keep you up to date.

(the note in the health center)

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This cheered me up. Dancers from Glossa having so much fun! Have a great weekend everybody !

(video Chryssa Karveli from Glossa)

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Simi II

Ferryboat Simi II will start sailing the 16th of June. It will only sail from Volos to Skiathos and Glossa and vice versa as you can see.

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The active citizens association of Skopelos will also take part in the national Let’s do it campaign on Sunday the second of April.

At 11 o’ clock they will meet below the Panagitsa tou Pirgo church in the old harbor and start cleaning the street going up to the castle/Kastro.

If you have gloves and tools to clean the streets of rubbish etc. take them with you.

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The clinic can also perform ELECTROMYOGRAPHY (EMG) by specialist neurologist Mr Nikolaos Thanos

The examination is carried out by the neurologist with the help of sophisticated equipment by Nihon Kodehn, mod.Neuropack. This specialized, neurological examination, which is applied to the upper and / or lower extremities.

In which clinical cases is the EMG useful ?
In cases of pain in hands, – the “carpal tunnel syndrome”- is recognized with the EMG. In spinal cord disc diseases or in the ulnar tunnel syndrome, the EMG gives a lot of useful information about the specific nerves that have the problem. In cases of nerves’ trauma an EMG is also required to assess the status and their recovery. In diabetic patients the EMG checks the peripheral nerves that unfortunately may be affected. More rear diseases such as severe muscle disease (Gravis), various myopathy syndromes, polyneuropathies, cervical nerve damage, are necessary to be checked with EMG to diagnose and to treat.

To conclude, EMG offers a lot diagnostically in diseases that are relevant to a variety of clinical specialties, such as neurology, endocrinology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, rheumatology, oncology etc.

EMG is also useful in various diseases such as diabetes, thyroid syndromes, malignancies, blood diseases, or in cases of alcohol and drugs abuse, chronic medication treatments. Finally, daily cases of loss of sense of feeling/touch, sense of stiffness/or burn, located at an area or spreading to greater body parts, should be examined with EMG following a doctor’s referral.

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Go green recycling Skopelos has placed the paper shredder in the space where it will be operating. The building is not finished yet so no shredding can be done. At the top of the road at the entrance of the recycling plant there is a big green metal box where lamps can be recycled and house call are done on Monday and Friday if you have stuff that can be recycled!

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The cleaning of beaches, streets, harbors and springs takes place every year in Greece. The event is called let’s do it. This year the municipality asked many different groups to take on a beach or an area on the island. They could choose themselves.

Skopelos has already started with the school children in Glossa cleaning the village. With them were teachers and municipal board members. On Saturday Agnondas and Limnonari will be cleaned and on Sunday the harbor of Skopelos and Stafylos and Velanio. Gloves and plastic bags will be provided. Anything that can be recycled will be separated from the other garbage. Glyfoneri beach was supposed to be cleaned on Monday but we are not sure if anybody went. Glysteri beach needs cleaning but the beach was not put on the list. That is a shame because especially because the beaches on this side of the island need better cleaning. There is much more garbage there !!

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A small part of the road between Glossa and Old Klima has been repaired. The next step will probably to put down some asphalt. We need a lot of warm days for that so all the holes in the roads all over the island can be fixed!

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(Unwanted) visitors

These two small mules we saw standing in front of a summer house near Glossa. They must have jumped over a fence or passed somewhere where the fence has fallen down. They looked right at home there. We hope they did not leave anything behind..

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The 25th of March celebration in Skopelos town, yesterday, took place with the sun shining and many people present. The atmosphere was very joyful and many people took the time to catch up with family and friends. It stayed sunny the whole day so after the parade we saw people everywhere drinking coffee, having a bite to eat, going to the beach and many children enjoying the playground. More and more places to eat and drink have opened their doors. Even at Agnondas you can eat!

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