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From above


There is a resting point in Skopelos just below the Castle/Kastro. Right next to the Agios Athanassis church. There you have the best view of Skopelos town and the harbor. Day or night, it is always beautiful there and what a view!

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This small almond tree has only one branch that grows out of a big chunk of an almond tree. Skopelosnews saw the tree between many olive trees that have been cut back after the big snowfall we have had on the island.

I see the small branch and think of Greece. Greece is still part of Europe. The big chunk of wood is Europe. Greece is still fighting to get on top of things, more rules, more changes, more cuts. It is not over but Greece and the Greeks are still here. Against all odds and with many severe austerity measures taken all these years, they are not giving up and standing upright, proud.

Greece may have a record amount of visitors in 2017 but is not 100% sure that the expectations will come true the Greek Tourism Federation (SETE) says.
The signs are there but all will depend on the smooth development of the refugee-migration situation and the completion of Greeceā€™s second evaluation by the IMF.

Greece has shown, though, that with all these issues hanging over their heads they are still able to show visitors what a special place this is and this is not only because of the sights and the nice weather but mostly because of the inspiring people.

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