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(Popi on the left)

March in Greece means that you need to wear a March bracelet/βραχιόλι του Μάρτη and who else except Popi would think of that. My daughter came home with one bracelet for her and one for me.
Popi made them for us and God knows for how many more people .
Popi is a real friend who cares for everybody, thinks of everybody and especially thinks of children. She is never on the foreground but my God she is a force of strength. When you think back in time about people that leave their mark on your life, like teachers etc. Popi is the one for me who has made a difference.
A great, caring and loving friend!

The March bracelets/βραχιόλι του Μάρτη

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The last couple of days the flying dolphin had difficulty travelling because of mist! Many people missed connecting flights and had to travel over land to get to Athens. What a shame we have such a volatile boat schedule. Keep checking with the boat ticket offices for sudden changes and hopefully you will arrive on time at the place you need to be. Aqua ferries has publish their boat schedule for the Myrtidiotissa ferryboat. For all boats keep looking at http://www.openseas.gr, click on the English flag

myrtidiotissa itinerary

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