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In the last couple of weeks Skopelosnews has had conversations with many people about the boats going to and from Skopelos and why the boat schedules are announced so late. We can only guess why this happens but it seems that the frequent questions and reservations that visitors make/ask have convinced the boat companies that they needs to start sailing earlier. Yesterday we published the itinary from Flying Cat 6 starting on the 10th of April. The boat would sail from and to VoLos and the Sporades.

Today we can show you a schedule that starts earlier, from the 31st of March until the 11th of June. (Matthias you have a boat!) If you click on the arrow on the right you will see the schedule in the following months.

Source: https://hellenicseaways.gr/en/routes/view/24

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Work in progress in Agnondas. Looks good. The empty shell that we saw last summer was not appealing.

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